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"Felix Melman"

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"Bloodlust Zombies"

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"Into The Lion's Den"

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Ninja Babes from Space

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Over 25 Years Experience.... (and still learning)

Dan Lantz is a bit of a journeyman.  Since 1990, he has worked in every part of the TV business.  "Paying your dues" is an understatement:  PA, Grip, Props, Camera, DP, Editor, Visual FX, Production Design, Writing, Producing and Directing... he has at some point used these skills to pay the bills.

Most recently, he completed his 4th feature film, "Bloodrunners", starring international icon, Ice-T (Law & Order).

Dan has several more feature movies and TV series in development.

He lives just outside of Philadelphia with his wife and three sons.

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When it comes to making movies, it's Story First

  1. Story: Why should an audience even bother to watch the movie?
  2. Characters:  Who is the story about and why do we care?
  3. Locations: Where does it take place and it is appealing?
  4. Production Design: Every thing on screen must have a purpose or shouldn't be there.
  5. Cinematography:  Make is at beautiful as possible - even the ugly parts.
  6. Sound:  What we hear is equally important as picture, if not more.
  7. Music: It is the heart and soul of a movie.


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